Columbus Natural Waterfalls

Natural waterfalls are incredibly beautiful and come in all sizes and shapes. There are two around Columbus that I want to tell you about. You may already know of them, but I do know that some of the locals don’t even know about these.

Hayden Falls

Hayden is located in a gorge in Griggs Reservoir Park west of the Scioto River. The falls top out at about 35 feet and the water source is Hayden Run.

Hayden Falls

Houses line the edge of this unique gorge. You’ll also find some interesting rare and endangered plants along the pathway. There are some areas of the path that are difficult, so beware to wear good solid climbing shoes.

According to the Department of Parks and Recreation: “There are plans to construct a boardwalk to aid in accessibility as well as protect the ecosystem.” I have no idea when this will happen, but it is definitely worth taking a hike along the pathway.

There is a parking lot on the south side of Hayden Run Road. From there if you walk towards the river, you’ll find a trail going down into the gorge. This trail leads to the waterfalls.

Keeping safety in mind, when the water is high the gorge may be impassable.

Griggs Reservoir Map

Indian Run Falls

Tucked away in Dublin, Ohio you’ll find Indian Run Falls. This 3 1/2 acre area was part of the land that was once home to the Native American tribe known as the Wyandots.

Indian Run Falls

The walls are made of limestone and you’ll find native flowers and Blue Ash trees along the path. The falls are approximately 25 feet high and gradually climb down over the limestone rocks rather than a more direct drop off like Hayden Falls.

The City of Dublin has added observation platforms, nature trails and a bridge to make it more accessible, especially in the Indian Run gorge and falls area, as well as two shelter houses.

You’ll find Indian Run Falls at 700 Shawan Falls Drive, Dublin, Ohio.

Indian Run Falls Map

Check them out you’ll be glad you did!