COSI Columbus

The new COSI Columbus is one of my favorite things to do in Columbus, Ohio. It’s spacious and the structural design is incredible.

The extended parking with shuttle service on busy days and the increased space inside is worth the parking charge and admission charge.

It was nice to see the design blended in nicely with the Central High School Building. The entrance is extremely large and airy, and getting through the check-in line is quicker and easier. The atrium is seventy-five feet tall and the High Wire Unicycle is featured in the center.

There are so many features it isn’t possible to list all of them. I have listed a few of the highlights below.

Life teaches the experience of birth, living and death. It really reveals a lot about the human spirit.

COSI east building aerial shot

Photo courtesy of Brad Feinknopf Photography

Family Workshops brings kids and parents to learn together and Family Science Quest lets you ask questions, observe and process conclusions.

Family Friday Night is the last Friday of each month. COSI stays open from 5PM to 9PM for more family time and fun.

Camp COSI offers different packages for different ages from 5 years old and up. They also offer camp-in for girls, camp-in for boys and co-ed camp-ins. All camps revolve around a theme and are educational and fun.

Girls Exploring Engineering is a workshop for girls in grades 6 – 8. This is an annual event and allows girls to explore a new career field. You can make reservations by phone beginning September 10.

New exhibits bring in many a great variety of educational programs. Some of the exhibits are displayed for 2 or 3 days and others up to 6 months. On my recent visit, I really enjoyed Animation by The Cartoon Network and Big Machines. There are several new exhibits coming soon.

Live Shows are always fun and educational. Some of the live shows featured daily are The Electrostatic Generator, Weather Live, The Mind Show, Rat Basketball, The Spirit Show, as well as Little KidSpace Shows.

Weather Live Show

Photo courtesy of COSI Columbus – Weather Live Show

Extreme Screen Theater features shows daily. The screen is absolutely huge, it measure 83 feet wide and it is 7 stories tall, yet it gives the images shaped like a TV only more detailed and larger. They say the secret is the film size. If you haven’t seen it yet, Wired to Win was awesome.

Lunch is served at the Atomic Cafe Restaurant at COSI and offers Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas, a variety of garden fresh salads and deli made sandwiches, cooked to order, grilled items, daily specials, and combo meals!

You can plan your visit ahead online, check rates and hours, check the events calendar and much more at COSI’s website.