Columbus Ohio Restaurants are Richly Diversified

Columbus Ohio Restaurants are as diversified as the communities in and around Columbus.

You’ll find places to eat such as fast food, greasy spoons, diners, grills, cafes, coffeehouses, and trendy restaurants.

Among the different types of cuisine you’ll find American, Greek, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Asian, Mexican, Mediterranean, French, Vegetarian and Vegan, …and many more.

My goal is to provide you with a directory of restaurants, and give you reviews and recommendations of my favorites. I’ve been around this city all my life and enjoy eating out. I’m not the only one because I always see a lot of people when I’m out and about. :-)

Let’s get started exploring the excellent places to eat in our fair city.

Restaurant Reviews

I’ll be adding my personal reviews and recommendations for some of the restaurants in and around Columbus. You can check the reviews at
Columbus, Ohio Restaurant Reviews.

Old Columbus, Ohio Restaurants

There are still a number of establishments open and operating in and around Columbus today that were opened prior to 1950.

Here you’ll find some history and a review of some of the Old Columbus, Ohio Restaurants.

Columbus, Ohio Restaurant Directory

I’m composing an alphabetical directory of restaurants for your convenience.

Restaurants will continue to be added to the directory.

Columbus Cafes

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Chinese Restaurant Columbus Ohio Directory

Chinese cuisine is a favorite to many! I’ve started a directory of Chinese Restaurants.

Italian Restaurants

Love the zest of the Italian Foods. I’ve started a directory of Italian Restaurants.

Japanese Restaurants

Exotic and delicious foods prepared the Japanese style are unique. I’ve started a directory of Japanese Restaurants.

Mexican Restaurant Columbus, Ohio

Mexican food is awesome! I’ve started a Mexican Restaurant Directory.

Pizza Columbus Ohio

If you love pizza then check out the Pizza Columbus Ohio Directory!