Blooms and Butterflies – An Enchanting Haven

The Blooms and Butterflies exhibition at Franklin Park Conservatory is an exquisite exhibition which gives you a close up look at the butterfly through hands on activities.

A central Ohio rite of spring! Experience the emergence of exotic butterflies and watch their release into the Conservatory’s Pacific Island Water Garden. Dozens of species from South America, Africa and the Caribbean take flight and feed on tropical blooms. Native Monarch butterflies are featured in late summer through displays and special programs. Hands-on activities and related programs are scheduled throughout the exhibition.

Purple butterfly in Blue Foliage

The Butterfly Discovery Center allows everyone to learn more through artwork and interactive puzzles. You’ll be able to see and learn the anatomy of the butterfly as well as their natural habitat.

The Conservatory’s Education Concourse features more butterfly and caterpillar models. Breeding and farming of butterflies to help promote the preservation of the rain forest is also illustrated.

More than 100 butterfly species from around the world will be at the exhibition and you can learn more during the Butterfly releases.

You’ll find exotic butterflies from El Salvador, Costa Rica, Tanzania, China, the Phillipines, Japan and Kenya. The sizes range widely from one and one-half inches up to the twelve inch Attacus Atlas moth.

Asian Paper Kite Butterfly

Every day dozens of butterflies emerge from their cocoons and are released in the Pacific Island Water Garden. The can feast on the tropical foliage such as Palms, Gingers and Bananas. In the summertime, the outdoor gardens are in full bloom to attract the local butterflies.

You’ll also find butterfly themed gifts of all kinds at the gift shop, Botanica, which includes everything from note cards to educational games.

There’s something for everyone during this exhibition!

Blooms and Butterflies Releases
The butterfly releases run throughout the season and you can “adopt” an exotic butterfly. Meet the butterfly on its birthday and release it into the Pacific Island Water Garden.

Two Meadow Brown Butterflies on a Daisy

An outdoor butterfly garden located near the Conservatory’s entrance will be in full bloom by summer and will attract butterfly species native to Ohio. Here, you can learn how to create a butterfly garden at home.

Dates: March 7 – September 27, 2015

The Conservatory offers both guided and self-guided school programs for grades PreK-8. During a field trip, schoolchildren will have educational materials following state curriculum standards at their fingertips. To schedule a school tour, call 614-645-5923. For more information and scheduling please visit the official website for Blooms and Butterflies at Franklin Park.

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